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Pop Yoghurt Blasts


Ask your mum for your favourite yoghurt. Open it up. Tear a pouch of Fizz Wiz strawberry or cherry open and pour it onto the yoghurt. Stir up gently and taste it. Yum! I bet it will be the funniest yoghurt you've ever had!


Fizz & Fun Toast

Top the toast with marmite, jam, fruit spread, peanut butter or chocolate spread, whatever you prefer.

Easy, right? But also a bit boring... So pour now some Fizz Wiz on top and...

taste the fizziest toast you have ever had!


Ice cream fireworks

Perfect for birthday celebrations, it brings magic to your mouth and it will shock your friends!

Immediately before serving, sprinkle Fizz Wiz on top of your favourite ice cream...
it's just fizztastic!

Or if you prefer to have the funniest birthday cake sprinkle Fizz Wiz just before you are about to blow the candles, your friends will certainly love it!


Time for a fizzing bath

No more boring baths. Ask your mum to fill your bath tube up with an adequate quantity of water at a suitable temperature for you. Pour one pouch of Fizz Wiz on it and listen to the crackling and popping coming out of the water.